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Benefits of Attendance Management


With Simply Safe attendance management, there will be accuracy of the time in and out. Attendance software reduces the risk of human error and ensures easy, impartial, and proper approach in addressing specific needs with zero confusion.

Decreased Burden on One Person or Department

The most benefit to your organization is that less time will be spent, by the employees or students or teachers or bosses, tracking and recording their presence and absence .

Reduce errors.

Nobody is perfect, not even if they have calculator, spreadsheets,etc..event the experienced typist make mistakes. Using Simply safe attendance management software prevent yourself from the errors.

Increase Growth

A paper based work may work in some respect, but if you expect your organisation to grow you will need a system which grows along with you.Simply safe attendance management manages every thing with ease.


Simply Safe attendance managment has magical features

  • customizable

    Simply safe is customizable software, it is easy to integrate into any kind of application include static application and cloud application.

  • Connects kids and Parents

    Computerized updates to parents of their kids at the time of landing and leaving premises.

  • Notifies person to person

    It gives notification to the parents, bosses who reached after 15 min, who is late, who is absent, who is present.

  • Increases

    Attendance ratio of students/employees.

  • Increase Standard

    This software helps in working/teaching standards of order and reliablity in the kid/employee.

  • Top of the line

    Innovation which guarantees wellbeing.

      Smart Attendance system is a very feasible solution to all the problems faced by teachers and parents regarding the attendance of students. This system comprises of only two things the Attendance device and the Student smart cards which once deployed in school premises will enable the concern authorities to track the attendance of the students at school level, class level as well as of any individual student.

      On daily bases an auto generated SMS will be send to all the students who are absent on that particular day after the specified time. The student only needs to tap his/her smart card on the attendance device, as soon as this is done the attendance for that student will be marked and at the same time that data will be pushed to the cloud ,where his attendance can be seen.

     Simply Safe is providing this attendance system to the corporate world. employees can mark there attendance anywhere anytime and track all activities online. Employer will get all the daily, weekly, monthly reports. employer can menage HR solutions,payroll,leave, official visits, upcoming holidays. Simply Safe provides free attendance system for one month with free domain No need to pay extra money.

Assets Tracking Process

  • Individual student attendance and reporting system to Increase parent knowledge about the importance of attendance.
  • Auto generation SMS facility to all the absent student to ensure students who are not attending school their parents are being acknowledged and addressed, in order to avoid any mishap.
  • To increase attendance at School by reporting about the irregularity of the student to the parents through graphical reports and ledgers.
  • Leave notes facility for every student.
  • Easy upload of bulk data form excel files to cloud server.
  • Student, Teachers and Management registration process for access control.
  • Graphical and tabular reporting system at different levels like daily report, monthly report, class wise report etc.

Shift scheduling

Simply Safe attendance system easy to use shift planning function gives extensive flexibility to the shift planner. Shifting module can handle wide variation from creating multiple shift, break shift, weekly rotation policy and monthly / quarterly manpower plans

Payroll Management

Simply Safe attendance system provides Number of working days,calculated working hours, Number of leaves, official visits of a employee

Leave Management

Online leave management Define Leave Type and Policy Send Leave Application online Approve Leave from email Track Employees on Leave Leave Summary and Detail Reports Leave/Official Visits Posting Facility

"No Need to pay extra or advance money, Simply Safe is providing 1 month demo for free, All the devices are 3G enabled which will help to send the records of the attendance instantly to the cloud server where the data can be maintained and updated in real time. Effective and efficient attendance can be marked without any manual intervention. "

About Simply Safe

      Phoenix Simply Safe Pvt. Ltd. is founded by technocrats with a combined industry experience of over seven decades in Multi-national companies such as IBM, Cisco, Microsoft etc., where the founding directors worked in different capacities. This exposure has helped them understand the diverse requirements of the global customer base.

      Phoenix Simply Safe is the marketing company of Politron Technologies Pvt. Ltd., which is based out of Bangalore. It is the hardware manufacturer and ISO certified company which designs and manufactures most of the hardware in India. Politron has multiple safety solutions deployed at various Police Departments, State Government offices, International Schools and more.

      Phoenix Simply Safe specializes in providing customized school safety and school management hardware and software as well as, smart classes. Simply Safe develops the custom solutions for multiple industries based on RFID and other Scanning Technologies.

      Simply Safe and Politron Joint consortium with the solid Financial backgrounds , Partnerships and Experience will work the way we Educate.

About Us

Why Simply safe?

Simply Safe has a global presence with our offices in Multiple location in India and in US we are equipped to handle all challenges of today's fast changing enviornments. Our team of experts comes from diffrent countries across the globe.We are a company which believes is earning every day ask about our pay as you grow options

Simply Safe aims to establish and maintain long term relationship with our clients, and provide best solutions for their "Challenges".

What we do?

We provide Real-Time information about the School bus through Message alert. In case of emergency you can contact driver any time.

We provides a Centralized Software, which can be customized according to the school needs.

We provides Actual SMART nad Affordable Smart School Management , Smart classes Which is an interactive and innovative method of stirring the motivation of learning in students. The tools involved in smart classes are user friendly

We provide Affordable, custmizable, portable GPS trackers with applications which are very useful for Vehicle Tracking, Assets Tracking Fuel Cunsumption Monitering and Event/Seminar Management . Now you can moniter, capture and track all the moments/ locations of your vehicle.

We Provides All in one Management Software which has an interactive tools for School authorities and parents to moniter and manage the overall perfomance and information of kids.

Our Partners

      Multi national comapnies such as IBM, Cisco, Microsoft, and more where the founder has worked in different capacities, have helped them to work with and understand the requirement of a diverse Global Customer base. Simply Safe is partially owned by US based corporation which is involved in multiple infrastructure Project in India. Simply Safe is the OEM and System Integration of the Politron Pvt Limited of Banglore which is the Hardware manyfacturer and ISO certified Company which designs and manyfactures most of the Hardware in India. Politron has muliple safety solutions deplyed at the customers including Police Departments, State Governments, International Schools where these safety Solutions are Deployed. Following above metioned companies are our parent companies customer.

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